by Nancy Allen

Quail Springs Baptist Church
14613 N. May Avenue, Oklahoma City

One day Dr. Francel called me a MODERN DAY APOSTLE. That was extremely generous and kind of him to say that.  I try very hard to be one with my website. It is my way of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and Dr. Paul Francel, who has worked to do God's healing work in the world and share God’s love and message.   My website also mirrors who I am.  It is a window into my soul. I want to make clear that I don't consider myself anywhere equal to the apostles in the Bible. I am just an every day Christian woman trying to do God's will and help others.  That is also true of the other persons mentioned here.


Dr. Paul C. Francel

This is the way it all came about.  Dr. Francel told Arnold and me he was giving the Baccalaureate address on May 23, 2004 for Piedmont Oklahoma High School Seniors in Oklahoma City at the beautiful Quail Springs Baptist Church, and he invited us to attend.  We went, and he was so happy that we were there.  When we visited before the talk he said our picture was going to be "up there" on the 2 giant screens at the front of the auditorium.  We thought, hm-m-m-m, I wonder what that is about?  The church was huge with about 1000-1100 seats, which all appeared to be full.

When he got about half way through his interesting, educational slide show presentation and discussion, we were wondering how on earth he was going to include us in his talk.  We thought maybe he was going to talk about some of his success stories. 

Then he said he was going to tell about three Modern Day Apostles.  He told about Mr. Philip Fairclough and his book Living with Brain Injury which he wrote after his head injury and dedicated to Dr. Francel his doctor, another lady who started an organization to help people after her baby died, and about us and my Brainwavz web site.  He discussed Arnold and his life-threatening tumor, his complex surgery, and his incredible, quick recovery.  He described my website. His point was, when something bad happens, you can turn it around and make something good come out of it to help others.  Then he asked us to stand up and everyone applauded.  It was surprising and wonderful.

I told my supervisor at work about it later and she said, “Yes, you are a Modern Day Apostle. Some people might think of doing something like that but how many have followed through and done it?”  I told her I just did what God wanted me to do.  I obeyed and as a result I have been richly blessed a thousand fold.  I hope and pray others have been blessed too.

Arnold and Nancy Allen

I would like to mention two others I consider Modern Day Apostles.  They are Dr. and Mrs. Paul Francel.  He is a wonderful Christian witness sharing God's word church members and their families.  He is now the Assistant Minister to Pastor Mark Borseth at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Yukon,  OK.  Previously they both taught 5th and 6th grade Sunday School for 8 years.  His wife Lisa Gigstad is a former church choir director.  She is now the Executive Director of the Piedmont, Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Francel is retired from medical practice.  He graduated from seminary in Oklahoma City August 24, 2012 and is active in a number of facets of church work. He is Co-Director of Piedmont Park Project.  He is on the Library Board of Directors at his local library. He is wrote a book which he hopes will be made into a movie about his parents' escape from communism in Czechoslovakia.  He and his wife are a model, modern day Christian family.   I greatly admire them and their service to God.   I pray God will bless them abundantly.

Dr. Paul Francel and wife Lisa Gigstad


Another person I feel is a Modern Day Apostle is the Francel's oldest son, Leif Francel, who graduated as Valedictorian from Piedmont High School, Piedmont, OK in May of 2005. He served as a volunteer at a Lutheran mission in Tanzania, Africa from October 2005 to January 2006  and worked as a volunteer from March to June 2006 at two orphanages in La Paz, Bolivia in South America.   He delayed starting college for a year so he could serve the Lord and the poor in those areas of the world.   Good job Leif!  I pray the Lord will richly bless his life in the future.  He is a graduate of M.I.T. with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Urban Planning.  He was a 7th Grade Science Teacher at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in the Boston area. He has visited numerous countries around the world.  He is is back in Oklahoma now.  For several years he was a science teacher at Deer Creek Schools and he also ran for the Oklahoma Senate for District 22.  Sadly, he didn't win, but I believe it was a good experience.  Now Leif is a teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic School. 

Leif is  a wonderful Christian man. He is now married to a remarkable woman, Laci Dawn Francel,  and they have a beautiful baby girl.  My husband and I have known Leif since 2000. We have followed his education and career closely.  We are blessed for knowing him and wish him and his family the best.

Leif Francel